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We strongly suggest that you consult your supervisor before submitting your application to ensure that they support the details of your application.

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Please note that we do require payment at point of application, once you submit this form you will be directed to a payment screen with further instructions.

Insurance guidance: During this application process you will be asked to provide evidence that you are covered by insurance to teach. If you are unable to evidence this and still apply then your application will be declined and no refund will be offered. To view our refund terms and conditions, click here.

Please either upload a copy of your Professional Indemnity Insurance Certificate or if you do not have personal insurance and are covered by your employer’s insurance then please provide one of the following:

1. A copy of the insurance certificate from your employer

2. A letter from someone in authority in your employment origination confirming a) they have insurance that covers their staff to teach mindfulness, b) they are aware you are teaching mindfulness and are covered on their insurance, c) the name of the insurer, and d) the expiry date of the current insurance.




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You need to have taught two 8 week courses in each approach for which you wish to be listed with supervision from a supervisor experienced in each approach

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Your referee (or Network designated reviewer) will review your application and will be specifically asked to verify the information you provide:

1. Have you completed an in-depth, rigorous mindfulness-based teacher training programme or supervised pathway over a minimum duration of 12 months?

Please give details:

A. Was your teacher-training pathway of at least 12 months duration focused in the mindfulness-based programme that you are offering?

Please give details:

B. Do you have a professional training and/or relevant experience with the population and context that the class is being taught in?

Please give details:
C. Have you taught or co-taught at least two 8 week courses under supervision?

Please give details of dates of courses, location, number of participants and who was supervising you when teaching these courses:

2. Are you teaching MBCT courses to a clinical population?

A. Do you have professional mental health training?

Please give details:

3. Do you commit to regular formal and informal mindfulness practices in your personal life?

Please give details:

4. Do you attend regular (at least annual) mindfulness meditation retreats of at least five days?

A. Please give details of the date and duration of your last retreat and its content.

5. Do you engage with other mindfulness-based teachers to share your experiences and learn collaboratively?

Please give details:

6. Do you continually develop your skills and understanding of mindfulness-based approaches and ensure that they are up to date?

Please give details:

7. Do you adhere to the ethical framework appropriate to your professional background and working context? Please give details, for example ethical codes found in organisations such as BACP, BPS & BABCP or other relevant ethical frameworks such as Good Practice Guidance:

Please give details:

In future we may like to communicate to the teachers on this listing with news bulletins and other information that you might find useful and informative. We will never share your details with any other organisation (other than to process this application). Please tick this box if you would like to be included in any mailings and updates from the UK Network

The UK Network have commissioned support from Project HA Ltd to administer the listings process which includes providing the technical infrastructure and processing the financial transactions. Please tick to confirm you understand that Project HA Ltd will be processing your financial transactions (see here for company details and refund policy)

All teachers accepted onto this listing are also eligible to be listed on the Mental Health Foundation’s (MHF) listing for mindfulness teachers. The MHF are working towards amending their application form to ask if you are listed on the UK Teachers Listing, if you can confirm this you will then be automatically accepted onto their listing. There will be a marker on their list of teachers to identify you as a UK Network Listed Teacher.

We advise that you wait for the outcome of this application before you apply to their listing as they will be checking our website for confirmation of listed teachers. To apply (if not already listed) please see here If already listed on the MHF listing please make direct contact with them to be identified as a UK Network Listed Teacher if you are accepted.

We strongly recommend that all applicants check their application, in detail, with their supervisor before applying.